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Secrets On The Moon


Everyone knows about the famous project "Apollo 11".

But, for those that doesn't know, "Apollo 11" was the first manned mission to land on the Moon, whose had on board the astronauts Neil Armstrong (commandant), Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins.

The launch of the "Apollo 11" was on July 16, 1969, and after 4 days of trip, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong had the honor of being the first human that put a bootprint on the Moon, saying his famous phrase:

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".


There the three astronauts stayed for 4 hours and 40 minutes, collecting samples of the soil, trying the low lunar gravity... and so forth, just follow the program.

And finally, they went back to the Earth, arriving on July 24, received by the population as heroes, that in fact they are!


But, what many people don't know about the project "Apollo 11", and about the 4 hours of permanence of our heroes on the Moon, it comes below.



L-R: Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin


Some years after the return of our heroes, a secret audio escaped from NASA.

That audio would be a conversation that Armstrong and Aldrin had with the NASA base in Houston during the period that they were in the lunar soil.

Hear the message below.

Text of Conversation:


"Armstrong: Ha! What is it?

Aldrin: We have some explanation fot that?


Houston: We have not, don't worry, continue your program


Armstrong: Oh boy, it's... it's... it's really something fantastic here, you... you could never imagine this!


Houston: Roger, we know about that, could you go the other way... go back the other way!


Armstrong: Well, it's a kind of... ha... pretty spectacular... God! What is that there? It's... what the hell is that?


Houston: Go Tango, Tango!


Armstrong: Ha! There's kind of light there now!


Houston: Roger, we got it... lose communication...


Houston: Bravo Tango, Bravo Tango, select Jezabel, Jezabel!


Armstrong: ....yeah...ok... but, this is unbelievable!


Houston: We call you up, Bravo Tango, Bravo Tango!"



Some months later a filming that the astronaut Aldrin did of some moments that they passed in the Moon escaped from NASA. A Swiss television channel took charge of publishing the film for everybody.
This film was a secret file of NASA, so they soon took charge of removing of circulation.

Check some pictures of the film.


Click to enlarge the picture


Besides those amazing pictures, Armstrong, years later, confirmed all happened for the public.

In many interviews Armstrong commented openly that aliens would have a base in the Moon, and the same aliens would have warned them to leave and to stay far away from the Moon.
In an interview on the dependences of NASA, Armstrong answered some questions about the mission for a teacher, saying this:

Armstrong: It is incredible. We always knew that there was a possibility. The case is that we were warned. There was never doubt that was a space station or a city in the Moon...

Questioned about the Martians' warning, he answered:

Armstrong: I cannot say details, except that their ships were very superior to ours, in size and in technology. And, my God, they were so big and lowering!

Finally, when questioned about the other missions after Apolo 11 and the knowledge of NASA on the Alien presence in the Moon, Armstrong comlpeted:

Armstrong: Naturally NASA was committed and it could not take a risk to provoke panic in the Earth. However it was a sensational news....




But this is not everything!

Some time after Armstrong separated of your first wife, Janet, she said:

Janet: After Armstrong came back from the Moon, he began to have some nightmares. And some times he forgot some things! In fact, he didn't remember so well what really happened there in the Moon. All the time he went to the psychologist of NASA, and he stayed there for hours and hours... and he never told me what happened there.

Janet still said:

Janet: Our separation had many reasons, but one of them was that one of our sons, Mark, began to have same nightmares of his father. And Armstrong knew the reason for that but and he never told to me. The years went passing and Mark went getting better, but even so he still has some disturbances.


Talking to the son Mark, he said:

Mark: Some times I wake up in the middle of the night, desperate.

When questioned about what he see in these nightmares, he says:

Mark: I just see some lights, very shining, and heard some voices whispering some things. Then I wake up, but the echo of the voices continues in my head for some more minutes. And there is some times that those echoes torment me during the day. It's disturbing!


Well, whatever was what Armstrong and the others saw in the Moon, it seems to be that "That", in some way, affected Armstrong and also his son.

We don't know what it is, but of course NASA knows. When they will stop to hiding these things and say what really is happening?

There is some mysteries behind all this, something that perhaps can be bad for us, and because this we must know.

Don't listen what the media, or what the "big brothers" says. It's time to we staying together to discover those things that "they don't want us to know"!


Let's find the true!


by Fred M. Larson